Dear RTC Summer Camp participants and parents registries,


Rosedale Tennis Club is thrilled that the municipality of Toronto has included summer camps in its phase 2 back to play COVID -19 guidelines found in the link provided, 



RTC’s first priority is the safety of all campers, their families and RTC staff. This communication outlines our policies and procedures for campers to help provide a healthy environment and mitigate the risk of the transmission of the COVID-19 virus.

Waiver – all parents/guardians of camp participants must sign the following waiver prior to start of camp. 




Screening – All individuals, including camp participants, parents/guardians, staff are encouraged to be screened at home prior to arrival. Any/all individuals who display any of the symptoms outlined in the COVID-19 Reference Document for Symptoms, as referenced in the link below, will not be permitted on site at the Rosedale Tennis Club.



Arrival – Please arrive 15-20 minutes prior to camp start time for check in, which will include the following: W


Campers will be directed to designated check in line ups for daily temperature checks 

Campers who exceed 37.8 C will be instructed to leave camp, with follow up communications from RTC with the family parents and or guardians.

Each camper will then be directed to their designated teaching pro and courts for the week.



Play- social distancing measures will be taken when possible during the course of play


Campers will be designated to a court area for the week with the same teaching pro at a ratio of 1:6 Pro to camper. (younger groups may have an assistant instructor)

Designated groups will work independently of each other group, there will be no communal warm ups, or games with the other groups

Each group will have an outdoor rest/snack area for break times

Adopted celebration practices such as air high fives will be utilized to minimize contact


Equipment – All Campers must bring their own supplies, including, but not exclusive to the following:


Tennis racquet, sun screen, hats etc.

Snacks & Drinks (please note we are a peanut free camp)

Please note we will not be providing snacks of any kind for campers this season


Facility Use- We have designated a full time club house supervisor to ensure cleaning protocols are being adhered to.


Campers may use the washroom facilities when needed

Usage log sign in system to be utilized for tracing purposes

Designated group washroom and snack breaks, after which the facility will be sanitized after each group use

Cleaning log system in place for tracing purposes


Check Out – each group will have a designated check out, to include the following:


Daily Q&A with group leaders with updates, feedback

Confirm designated parent/guardian for camper pick up

Follow up communication email/phone when required.


Constant Contact- Camp emails to be sent out with regulatory/policy updates when required.

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