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Our mission


To provide daily enjoyable exercise, camaraderie, and community 

to Rosedale Tennis Club Seniors


Who we are


Founded in 1975 by Leo Zakuta, our group includes one member who has played with the group since 1978.  

Now about 20 in number, we come to the court in various sizes, shapes, ages, and abilities. We do the best we can each day with what we’ve got.  


How we do this


A hearty welcome to all newcomers


The time and space the Club dedicates each day to the Seniors Group  avoids the work and uncertainty of  finding partners and finding a court


Typically, supposing there are more than four players present, we use a system of rotation that enables everyone to play in a round-robin-doubles format as a partner or opponent of every other player.


Rotating out of doubles every four games, each player usually has an opportunity for short rest and socializing.


 We celebrate great shots and put less emphasis on the score.


We encourage and accommodate each other as friends.


Seasonal “pot-luck” dinners, picnics, or mini-celebrations.


When and where do we play?


Daily in the Spring, Summer and Fall, 

  • we play on Courts #7 & 8 that the Club reserves for us 

  • when the courts are dry, 

  • when it’s not too cold (below 10 degrees although some have been know to play at zero degrees)  

  • and not too hot (above 29 degrees).  

Some group members also play through the late Fall and  Winter as the weather and court conditions allow. 


Weekdays from 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm.  


Weekend days from 11 am to noon.


Some group members play beyond the one-hour period if the courts are available. 


Who can join


Rosedale Club members who:

                                                         are over age 55, love tennis and social fun!


How to join our group


Contact Ken Shepard, the group coordinator


Cell:  +1-647-570-6805

Ken will answer your questions and put you on the weekly communication list.

Then, come to meet and play with the group to see if you would enjoy joining us.  

If you are not feeling up to the average level of play, you may wish to take lessons with the Club pros while you work to improve your game with us.

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