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Mixed Singles Box Ladder


Box Ladder Rules


1.      Ladder Season will run from May 1st to end of September ( every month is considered one session ), you can join Ladder at any time during the season, however new entrants will only begin play at the beginning of the following session.

2.      Fee for Ladder Season is $50 ( e transfer payment to )

3.     Players are placed in Boxes based on their self rated skill level Self-rating guide ( last years standings are taken into account ).

4.     Players have one month to play a match against as many people in their Box as possible ( you cannot play same player more than once in the same session ), to ensure participation players who have not played any ladder matches at the end of the month can be removed from ladder and will need to re-register to participate.

5.     To schedule a match, contact players in your box via email. You cannot pre-book a court for Ladder match ( you must be at the club in person to book court ).

6.     Each player should bring new can of balls to the match ( open one can to play match, the winner will leave with new can, loser will keep used balls ).

7.     All Ladder matches are 45 minutes including warm-up.

8.     Ladder match is a Pro set up to 8 games ( first player to reach 8 games is the winner). Games are played with NO add scoring at deuce ( receiving player has the option to decide whether to receive the serve on deuce or ad side ) this is to maximize number of games played in 45 minutes. Should you run out of time, the score recorded will be the score at the end of last completed game ( ie. Player A is leading by a score of 5-3, and 30-15 in the next game when time runs out. Recorded score should read, Player A 5 games and Player B 3 games ( winner of match is responsible for recording score ). If score is tied 7-7 in games, you will play a tie breaker to decide winner ( Tie breaker : First player to reach 7 points, win by margin of at least 2 points ).

9.  Ladder Point System - 4 points are rewarded for a Win ,  2 points for Tie ,  1 point for a Loss. Tie Breaker Points are used to decide a Tie and are calculated as follows - Player A beats player B by a score of 8-2, Player A receives 6 Tie Breaker Points ( total amount of games they won by ) 

9. At the end of each month (session) 2 players with highest number of points will move up a box, and 2 players with lowest number of points will move down a box.


Defaults, Retirements and Stopped Games


1.   If you are playing a match and one player has to withdraw ( ie. injury, ..) the other player will get all the remaing points available ( ie. If the score is 5-4 for Player A and Player B retires, Player A would win 8-4).

2.   If a scheduled match is not played because one player does not show up, that player is considered to have defaulted the match and the score will be 8-0 in favor of the other player.

3.  If Player A, cancels a scheduled match with less than 24hr. notice to Player B, Player B has the right to declare a default and be awarded 8 points.

4.  You have started a match, conditions become unsafe ( rain , darkness ) and decision is made to stop play. If you have completed 6 or more games in total, the match is considered complete and score recorded. If you have completed less than 6 games, you will schedule another day to complete the match ( rescheduled match will commence from same score as when you stopped play ).

5.  If you are unavailable to play for entire session ( month ) due to injury, vacation, etc,  please let me know and I will remove you from Ladder for that session. You will then be placed back in the same Box for next session. If you have to drop out once the session has already started, your point total will determine if you move up or down a Box.

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